Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

The tulips peeking up through the soil confirm that spring has arrived. Its officially time to fashion a new spring wreath and hang it on the door to welcome the birds back. Apparently this little fat sparrow appreciated my efforts and has decided to nest in the bird jar on my porch.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Market To Market.....

Off to the Farmers Market we go!
The chilly winds of March were extra brisk as we took that long run from our car to the inside warmth of the Exeter N.H. Farmers Market. So worth braving the Ides of March for what awaited us, a treasure trove of goodies, goodies worth far more then gold. Organic free range eggs in a multitude of muted pastels. Unprocessed milk and cream in large glass containers, the type you would leave on your windows sill if not for the spoiling. Cheeses, meats, fresh veggies
of green, purple, red and orange including carrots that nature had shaped like little twisted finger puppets. The aromof fresh baked goods filled the air. However the piece de resistance was the birch ball stuffed with wool roving, sure to be a spring delight as our bird friends stop by to pluck out little pieces to make their birds nests.