Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden Adventures

The annual garden club plant sale..... A pleasant gathering of like minded woman, all inspiring to make the world a more beautiful place. And so it may seem from a distance looking in on the picturesque quaint common setting on a cool New England morn. Everyone gathered around tables of moderately priced annuals and perennials, visions of winning the coveted "Garden Of The Month" club dancing in their heads.
Ohhhhh but don't be fooled, once inside this tattered little web, its a fight to the death, each woman jocking for position, planning their method of attack, and using any tactic to gain ground and be the first to nab the best plants. However, being a glutton for punishment, and a creature of habit, every year I go, and every year I am outwitted, usually by a neighbor. No matter how early I leave, she seems to leave earlier. This year as I sat on my coach sipping my coffee, I was sure I would beat her there, only to my surprise I spied her backing out of her drive way at 7:30 am.. Yes, 7:30 am... In disbelief I ran up over the steps, threw on the first thing I could find and bee lined it to the common in hopes of finding the elusive lupin at a reduced rate. Once again I missed my opportunity, however I am sure next year will be my year and I will assure that by pitching a tent.

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