Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glory Days

Definition of Glory Days according to Websters:

1. best time of life: the period of somebody's greatest achievement or happiness Well, maybe not my greatest achievement, but darn close..... Considering my garden skills, or lack there of.

This is my prize winning tomato. I grew this giant baby when my
neighbors and I challenged each other to see who could grow the largest tomato. It was the size of a dinner plate and it
won first place at the Topsfeild Fair which is the largest agricultural fair in our area. It took its place of honor in the enclosed glass case next to the giant pumpkin. Today, the remaining evidence, a blue ribbon and silver bowl now sit in my office. Some days you can catch me admiring myself in the gleaming sliver of the bowl..... (OK, not true, but it sounds fun and I might just try it!)


  1. *cracking up* Awesome... I LOVE LOVE tomatoes!!!!

  2. That is one big tomato! Love the tablecloth.
    Did you make it?
    Nancy Jo

  3. My all time favorite table cloth Nancy Jo. I got it at a yard sale years ago. Nothing better then a good yard sale find.