Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shades of Violet

Spring has sprung and shades of violet fill the garden. The soft hues of pansies, lilacs and the tiny budding beauty of violets are images and scents one can only aspire to capture. I did just that by suggestion from one of the fellow Farm Girls on MJ Farm. She made a batch of violet Jelly and I followed in suite along with many other enthusiastic girls. It was great to read the posts as each member excitedly posted the results of their Violet Jelly making. Some said theirs came out tasting like honey, others said cantaloupe. Mine, well... sort of has a sugary sweet taste with a ever so slight taste of violet. I will be making another batch, but this time I will steep lemon verbena to enhance the flavor, yet keep the clear vibrant hue of violet. The other interesting thing is that some said their jellies were fuchsia, some purple and some a shade of blue. I think this may have to do with where the violets are grown, depending on the mineral and nutrient variations in the soil.

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  1. I love your pictures! the jelly looks yummy and the flowers are beautiful!